Participant Instructions

St. Clair Shores 71st Memorial Day Parade

Sunday 26 May 2024

Dear Parade Participants,

We’re delighted that you’ll be joining us in what is one of the USA’s largest Memorial Day (Weekend) Parades. Please take time to read these instructions carefully and share them with all of the members of your group. 

First, this is a MEMORIAL Parade to honor those Military Men and Women who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our county. Floats, motorized entries, commercial business and political figures or groups are expected to display a patriotic, not commercial or political theme. The distribution of commercial or political paraphernalia is strictly prohibited.

Second, Parade safety is paramount. This is a very large parade with over 185 entries. It will likely be well after 2 PM before some of you START moving out of the staging area to begin your 1.8-mile walk. Come prepared with sunscreen, water and whatever else you need to handle the wait. There are several fast-food locations in the staging area if you need them. If your group is throwing candy, you must make every effort to get the candy to the curb.  If it is being thrown from vehicles, we recommend you have a walker on each side of the vehicle to stop children from approaching too closely to retrieve candy.

The Advanced Guard led by the SCS Police will lead off at 12:45 and the Main Parade officially starts at 1:00 PM, but because of all the necessary adjustments it’s critical that you arrive at your staging location before the roads close at NOON.  Instructions concerning shuttle busses and parking are below.

Adhere to your staging instructions and assigned sequence in the Parade. Any entrant that attempts to “cut” the line will be directed to leave the Parade route immediately. Maintain contact with the group ahead of you. Generally, you should be about two and no more than five car-lengths behind the group in front of you. Of course, there will be some accordion effect in a parade this large, which will make the pace inconsistent and create some gaps, but please attempt to close these as much as possible when they occur. There will Parade Marshals along the route in bright yellow vests. Abide by any instructions that they give you.

Entries with horses must have a clean-up crew immediately behind their group.

We will have a Parade Committee Canopy on the West side of the Parking Lot behind Barrister Gardens (which is the main staging area) if you have issues while the Parade is staging. Finally, please remember that all of us that planned, organized and will orchestrate this Parade are VOLUNTEERS. Things won’t be perfect. Be flexible. It is a day to celebrate and enjoy the freedoms that have been granted to us by the sacrifices of others.

Let’s have fun while we remember it’s all In Honor of our Heroes.

Your St. Clair Shores Memorial Day Parade Committee


Lane reconfigurations will start between 9:30 and 10:00 AM. 

Little Mack will be reduced to one lane in each direction between 10 Mile and Harper. One lane of NB and SB Little Mack will remain open.

Harper Avenue between 9 mile and Ridgeway will be closed except for Parade traffic and staging beginning at 10:00 AM. If you are staging on Harper or on Little Mack south of Ridgeway/Lawndale Streets you should approach from the south—entering Harper from 9 Mile Road.

11 Mile Rd. will remain open for WB traffic. EB 11 Mile Rd. will be closed at Lakeview High School. No vehicles will be allowed to enter 11 Mile from the North until the conclusion of the Parade.

Trailers, floats, or large vehicles that are going to be in the parade, should be in their assigned starting places before 10:30 AM.

The rest of the participants (pedestrians etc.) should show up by 11:45.

It will be a very busy area, and Little Mack will most likely be backed up during this time. SAFETY First! Use extreme caution crossing the streets or moving around the staging area.

The goal is to have everyone in their spots by NOON.

The Advanced Guard (mainly staged on Harper) will lead off at 12:45 and the Parade will official commence promptly at 1:00 PM.

Some groups staged near the back half of the parade may not “step-off” for over an hour. Come prepared to deal with the elements, particularly if we have warm weather and sunshine. Water, headcovers and sunscreen can make all the difference in your parade experience.

We will be merging participants from several directions at the start point of the Parade (Harper/Ridgeway). A Parade Official will be at that intersection to tell you when it’s your turn to move onto the Parade route.

Please remember that a patriotic theme must be followed by all bands and musical accompaniments and in motorized float entries.

Failure to comply may result in not being admitted to the parade.


Participant parking is available in the St. Clair Shores Parks Division Lot at 20000 Stephens St., SCS 48080 and in the surrounding industrial area to the south between Stephens and Pleasant Streets. However, space is limited due to construction, so try to carpool with members of your group. Shuttle busses will run from the Parks Lot to the staging area beginning at 10:00 AM, approximately every 15 mins until 12:30. Best to arrive early.


Mayor’s Choice Chairman’s Choice Best Color Guard

Best Patriotic Float Best Overall Entry Best School Band

Best Special Entry Best Band

The JUDGING STAND will be near the end of the Parade Route on the west side of Harper just south of 11 Mile Road. Bands may pause briefly (no more than one musical number) to perform for the Judges.


At the end of the parade, participants may go west on 11 Mile towards Lakeview High School, proceed straight down Harper towards 12 Mile, or go east on 11 Mile towards Jefferson.  THIS DECISION IS UP TO YOU, so plan ahead so we can keep the Parade moving.  Please disperse as quickly and safely as possible.

Shuttle busses for pedestrians back to the SCS Parks Lot will be located at the Lakeview High School.


If your group has its own Bus, it can drop you off directly in the Staging Lot behind Barrister Gardens, but no later than NOON. It can also pick you up in the Lakeview High School lot or on 11 Mile east of Harper at the end of the Parade. (Buses will be allowed to park in the EB lane of 11 Mile East of Harper. Please do not block driveways and park enough far away from Harper so that other groups can continue to clear the Parade finish line).

Participant Parking

The marked spots in blue below should be available for all participants to park their vehicles on parade day.

Staging Map

Parade Staging Map May 2024 -.pdf